UEFA Euro 2016 Logo
The Football Wiki has launched today a new feature: the UEFA Euro 2016 Hub. It's a new place where you can find all the information you need about the UEFA Euro 2016. From the qualification to the final in France and a looking back.

You can find links to the most important pages at the moment about the tournament on the top of the page in the slider. Below that you can read a small story about the tournament. Underneath that you'll find the teams which are fighting for the cup and a lot more features and information will be in boxes:

  • Upcoming Matches
  • Topscorers
  • Players with the most Assists
  • Players who are inform
  • The Stadiums in France
  • History
  • Some short stories
  • Blog posts
  • News feeds from

We hope you'll all enjoy this new feature. If you'll see something outdated your free to update it of course.

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