Costa Rica is the next opponent of the Netherlands in the World Cup. The match will be played on 22:00 PM (UTC+2) July the 5th, 2014.


Costa Rica already wrote history this tournament. The country never reached to the round of 8 before. First they beated Uruguay and Italy in the group stage. A tie against England was enought to become first in the group. In the round of 16 they beated Greece.

Best Player

Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica
Costa Rica football association
Best Player Bryan Ruiz
Surprise Joel Campbell
Strength Chemistry
Formation 5-4-1
Coach Jorge Luis Pinto

The best player of Costa Rica is obviously Bryan Ruiz. This season he played on loan at the Dutch club PSV Eindhoven. He also played by clubs like FC Twente and Fulham F.C.. He has already made two goals on the world cup. Ruiz is a player with a good shot and he always sees players running into the free space behind the defenders. Summarizing a player to watch.


The surprise of the team is of course Joel Campbell. He played this season on loan at the Greek club Olympiacos F.C.. This World Cup he already made one goal and gave one assist. Joel Campbell is always a player to watch. He's quick and stands always on the right place to make the important goals.


The strength of the team is the chemistry. Everybody wants to fight for every ball. Costa Rica don't have that many players in top competitions like the German, French and Brazilian teams. Most players play in smaller competitions in Europe or in their own country.

Predicted Start Formation

Umana Miller Gonzalez
Gamboa Junior Diaz
Tejeda Borges
Ruiz Bolanos

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