The group stages of the qualification of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil have ended. Several countries are already qualified but some countries still have to secure their ticket with the play-offs against each other.

Qualified Teams
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina
Flag of Australia.png Australia
Belgium.png Belgium
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil.png Brazil
Flag of Chile.png Chile
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Flag of Costa Rica.png Costa Rica
Flag of Ecuador.png Ecuador
England.png England
Germany.png Germany
Flag of Honduras.png Honduras
Iran.png Iran
Flag of Italy.gif Italy
Flag of Japan.png Japan
South Korea.png South Korea
Netherlands.png Netherlands
Flag of Russia.png Russia
Flag of Spain.png Spain
Switzerland.png Switzerland
Flag of the United States.png United States

Play Offs Matches
Europe Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine - Flag of France.png France Flag of Greece.svg.png Greece - Romania.png Romania
Europe Flag of Iceland.png Iceland - Croatia.png Croatia Flag of Portugal.png Portugal - Flag of Sweden Good one.jpg Sweden
International Jordan.png Jordan - Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay Flag of Mexico.png Mexico - Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand
Africa Flag of Burkina Faso.png Burkina Faso - Flag of Algeria.png Algeria Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.png Ivory Coast - Flag of Senegal.svg.png Senegal
Africa Flag of Ethiopia.png Ethiopia - Flag of Nigeria.png Nigeria Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia - Flag of Cameroon.png Cameroon
Africa Flag of Ghana.png Ghana - Flag of Egypt.png Egypt

The winners of these matches are also qualified for the world cup.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the teams of the several countries!

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