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Martyr's Memorial A-Division League
Flag of Nepal.png Nepal
Number of Teams
Asian Qualification
AFC President's Cup
Most time Champions
Manang Marsyangdi Club (6)
Ranipokhari Corner Team (6)
Current Champions (2009)
Nepal Police Club

Martyr's Memorial ANFA 'A' Division League is the top division of the All Nepal Football Association in Nepal. Contested by 12 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with B Division.

History of The League

The then - prime minister Padam Shamsher started Ram Janaki Football tournament in 2004 B.S. with the objective of concretizing the increasing public interest in football. After the establishment of democracy in 2007 B.S., Nepal police Force was successful to enjoy the consecutive hat-trick win of that tournament and owned the trophy. Then the police force handed over it to Nepal Football Association for the continuation of the tournament in remembrance of Martyrs. That very trophy still exists now in the name of Martyr’s Memorial League Tournament. The history of the tournament couldn't be found well -recorded and clear. Nevertheless Major chapters of the history do well in knowledge. RCT won it for three subsequent times 2028, 29 and 30 B.S. As the year of 30 B S, saw the formation of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), the tournament also found a new form and moved ahead. The tournament however stopped for some times accounting for financial reasons.

The political turmoil of 2047 B.S., and the entailing economic downfall and political interference again stopped the tournament. Ganesh Thapa led ANFA revived it later in 2052 but unfortunately couldn’t able to continue it.

The by gone times shows the tournament as a bare entity but the present offers a new height of significance to it. Complying with other football power nations, Nepal too has made it the base for selecting the national teams. It is amply clear that Europe, South America, America, Japan; Korea etc. have developed their professional football force all but for the reason that they have their own finest leagues.

The league, despite its so great a meaning, didn't take place as yet owing to several problems.

And now, bridging three years regretful gap, the league has come back again. It is a happy revival; no doubt .It essentially demands that any controversy, which is and will be responsible for the absence of the league, does never arise. Disturbing the league could only comfort certain number of people but not the Nepalese football and football fans who are willing to see their team to reach the ultimate height.

Current League

Main article: 2010 Martyr's Memorial A-Division League

The current vesion of league has started in 12 February 2010, Nepal Police Club won the title before two matches.

Whereas previous league Champions Boys Union Club and Sankata Club relegated to B Division.

Previous winners

Since the start of league 15 clubs has won the title in 38 tournaments. MMC and RCT jointly lead the tournaments with equal 6 titles whereas NRT has won 4 titles. Sankata, Mahabir and Three star clubs has equal 3 titles each. Whereas current champion Nepal Police Club won the 2 titles making tie with three other history clubs Deurali Club, Annapurna Club and Police Force. Army XI, Friends Union, Boys Union, Sunakhari and Bideya Byana clubs has won single title each.

S.N. Season B.S. Winner
1 1954/55 2011 Mahabir Club
2 1955/56 2012 Police Force
3 1956/57 2013 Police Force
4 1957/58 2014 Army XI
5 1960/61 2017 New Road Team
6 1962/63 2019 New Road Team
7 1963/64 2020 Bidya Byama
8 1966/67 2023 Mahabir Club
9 1967/68 2024 Friends Union
10 1968/69 2025 Deurali Club
11 1969/70 2026 Mahabir Club
12 1970/71 2027 Deurali Club
13 1971/72 2028 Ranipokhari Corner Team
14 1972/73 2029 Ranipokhari Corner Team
15 1973/74 2030 Ranipokhari Corner Team
16 1975 2032 Boys Union Club
17 1976 2033 Sunakhari Athletic Club
18 1977 2034 Annapurna Club
19 1978 2035 New Road Team
20 1979 2036 Ranipokhari Corner Team
21 1980 2037 Sankata Club
22 1981/82 2038 Ranipokhari Corner Team
23 1982 2039 Annapurna Club
24 1983 2040 Sankata Club
25 1984 2041 Ranipokhari Corner Team
26 1985 2042 Sankata Club
27 1986 2042/43 Manang Marsyangdi Club
28 1987 2043/44 Manang Marsyangdi Club
29 1989 2046 Manang Marsyangdi Club
30 1995 2052 New Road Team
31 1996/97 2054 Three Star Club
32 1997/98 2055 Three Star Club
33 2000 2057 Manang Marsyangdi Club
34 2003/04 2060 Manang Marsyangdi Club
35 2004 2061 Three Star Club
36 2005/06 2062 Manang Marsyangdi Club
37 2006/07 2063 Nepal Police Club
38 2010 2066/67 Nepal Police Club


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2000 Niranjan Rayamajhi Rani Pokhari 23
2003/04 Surendra Tamang Three Star Club 15
2004 Basanta Thapa Manang Marsyangdi Club 20
2005/06 Obagbemiro Junior
Rishi Rai
Brigade Boys Club
Ranipokhari Corner Team
2009/10 Santosh Sahukhala Three Star Club 19


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