Latvian Second League
Latvian Second League
Country Latvia Latvia
Founded 1992
Number of teams 50
Promotion to Latvian First League
Levels on pyramid 3
Domestic cup(s) Latvian Cup
Website Official website

The Latvian Second League (2. līga) is the third tier of football in Latvia and is organised by the Latvian Football Federation.

Regional qualification round

There are around 50 clubs in the Second League. There are 7 regions (Rīga, Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Ziemeļaustrumi (North-East) and Daugavpils) and teams have to play home and away games against their regional opponents. From each region 2 teams can advance to the final round. The regional qualification round is played from May to October.

Final round

The two best teams from each region compete in the final round and there are knockout games played. To get promotion to the 1.līga teams need to make it to the final.

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