Karlsruher SC
Full name Karlsruher Sport-Club Mühlburg-Phönix e. V.
Nickname(s) KSC, Eurofighter
Founded June 6th, 1894
Ground Wildparkstadion
(Capacity: 29,699)
Chairman Ingo Wellenreuther
Manager Germany Marc-Patrick Meister
Current League 2. Bundesliga 
2018–19 3. Liga, 2nd (promoted)
Website Club home page
Karlsruher SC 2016-17 home Karlsruher SC 2016-17 away

Karlsruher SC is a German association football club, based in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. KSC rose out of the consolidation of a number of predecessor clubs. They have played in the Bundesliga, but were relegated to the 2. Bundesliga in 1998 and in 2009. In 2012, they were relegated to the 3. Liga through play-offs, and in 2013, they were promoted back to the 2. Bundesliga and went back down again in 2017.


A succession of mergers

The most successful of these ancestral clubs was Karlsruher Fussball Club Phönix, formed on 6 June 1894 by dissatisfied members of the gymnastics club Karlsruher Turngemeinde. They quickly became a strong regional side, playing in the Südkreis-Liga, and captured the national title in 1909, defeating defending champions Viktoria 89 Berlin 4–2 in the championship final that season. In 1912, Phönix merged with KFC Alemannia, established in 1897, to create KFC Phönix (Phönix Alemannia).

It was as Phönix Karlsruhe that the club joined the Gauliga Baden, one of 16 top-flight divisions created in the re-organization of German football under the Third Reich. They slipped from the first division for a single season in 1936, but returned to compete as a mediocre side over the next several years. In the 1943–44 season, Karlsruhe played with Germania Durlach as the combined wartime side named KSG (Kriegssportgemeinschaft) Phönix/Germania Karlsruhe. After World War II in 1946, Phönix re-emerged to compete in the newly formed first division Oberliga Süd, finishing 15th in their first season there. The club was relegated the following season.

Two other threads in the evolution of KSC were the formation of FC Mühlburg in 1905 out of 1. FV Sport Mühlburg (founded in 1890) and Viktoria Mühlburg (founded in 1892), and the merger of FC Germania (founded in 1898) and FC Weststadt (founded in 1902) to form VfB Karlsruhe in 1911. FC Mühlburg and VfB Karlsruhe would in turn merge to form VfB Mühlburg in 1933. The group of clubs which came together to form VfB Mühlburg were an undistinguished lot, sharing just one season of upper-league play between them. The new side, however, started to compete in the first-division Gauliga Baden immediately after the league was established in 1933.

A lower-table side through the 1930s, VfB's performance improved considerably in the following decade. As war overtook the country, the Gauliga Baden was sub-divided at various times into a number of more local city-based circuits and the team was able to earn three second-place finishes in divisional play. The Gauliga Baden collapsed in 1944–45 after playing a significantly reduced schedule in which many teams, including Mühlburg were unable to compete. After the war the club slipped from top-flight competition until earning promotion to the Oberliga Süd in 1947. They generally competed as a mid-table side here with the exception of a strong performance in 1951 when they narrowly missed an advance to the national championship rounds after earning a third-place result just a single point behind SpVgg Fürth.


Current squad

As of 9 April 2017
No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Dirk Orlishausen (Captain)
2 Germany DF Jonas Meffert (on loan from SC Freiburg)
3 Germany DF Benedikt Gimber (on loan from 1899 Hoffenheim)
4 Germany DF Martin Stoll
5 Germany DF Dennis Kempe
6 Flag of Cameroon MF Franck Kom
7 Germany MF Moritz Stoppelkamp
8 Flag of Austria FW Erwin Hoffer
9 Flag of Greece.svg FW Dimitris Diamantakos
10 Flag of Japan MF Hiroki Yamada
11 Germany MF Boubacar Barry
14 Flag of Spain DF Jordi Figueras
15 Switzerland FW Florian Kamberi
16 Germany MF Marvin Mehlem
17 Germany DF David Kinsombi
18 Flag of Spain MF Manuel Torres
19 Germany MF Grischa Prömel
20 Flag of Austria DF Ylli Sallahi
No. Position Player
21 Flag of France MF Gaëtan Krebs
22 Germany MF Enrico Valentini
23 Brazil MF Yann Rolim (on loan from Barra)
24 Germany GK René Vollath
25 Germany GK Florian Stritzel
26 Germany DF Bjarne Thoelke
27 Flag of Greece.svg FW Charalampos Mavrias
30 Germany DF Marcel Mehlem
32 Germany MF Tim Grupp
33 Germany DF Niklas Hoffmann
34 Germany MF Tim Fahrenholz
35 Germany DF Matthias Bader
36 Germany FW Valentino Vujinovic
37 Germany MF Severin Buchta
39 Flag of Poland FW Oskar Zawada
40 Germany FW Fabian Reese (on loan from Schalke 04)
41 Flag of Montenegro FW Stefan Mugoša (on loan from 1860 Munich)

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Karlsruher SC squad - 2020–21

1. Orlishausen 3. Gimber 4. Stoll 5. Kempe 6. Kom 7. Stoppelkamp 8. Hoffer 9. Diamantakos 10. Yamada 11. Barry 14. Jordi 15. Kamberi 16. Marv. Mehlem 17. Kinsombi 18. Torres 19. Prömel 20. Sallahi 21. Krebs 22. Valentini 23. Rolim 24. Vollath 25. Stritzel 26. Thoelke 27. Mavrias 29. Luibrand 30. Marc. Mehlem 31. Fassnacht 32. Grupp 33. Hoffmann 34. Fahrenholz 35. Bader 36. Vujinović 37. Buchta

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