The KNVB Amateur Cup (KNVB Beker voor amateurs) is the cup competition for amateur football clubs in the Netherlands. The winner qualifies for the amateur super cup match against the national Hoofdklasse champion.

The cup is contested by the winners of the district cups (districtsbekers) in the six districts of the Royal Dutch Football Association: West 1, West 2, South 1, South 2, East and North. The six teams face each other in a knock-out competition, starting in the quarter finals. Two clubs receive a bye, but they will have to play an away game in the semi-finals.

The KNVB Amateur Cup was first contested in the 1980-81 season, replacing the KNVB Saturday Amateur Cup and KNVB Sunday Amateur Cup (see Hoofdklasse#Background for more on Saturday and Sunday football in the Netherlands).

The structure of the cup competition has changed throughout the years. For a number of years, the clubs were placed in two pools of three teams each. Matches were played in two halves of 20 or 30 minutes each, with all group matches played on a single day. The final was held on another day, and was played in two halves of 45 minutes. Between 1996-97 and 2000–01, nine clubs took part, because the Royal Dutch Football Association then consisted of nine districts. Until 1997, the reserve teams of professional football clubs took part in the district cup competitions; two of them won the KNVB Amateur Cup: Ajax Reserves in 1983-84 and SC Heerenveen Reserves in 1990-91. From the 1997-98 season onwards, the reserve teams play in the KNVB Reserve Cup.

Past winners

Year Winner Runner-up Result Note
1980-81 Caesar
1981-82 TSC
1982-83 Drachtster Boys
1983-84 Ajax Reserves
1984-85 Limburgia
1985-86 AZS
1986-87 Venray
1987-88 OVV
1988-89 Achilles 1894
1989-90 DWV Amsterdam
1990-91 SC Heerenveen Reserves
1991-92 BVV
1992-93 Halsteren
1993-94 Lisse
1994-95 Argon Halsteren 3-0
1995-96 IJsselmeervogels BVV 2-0
1996-97 Babberich SHO 2-0
1997-98 Hollandia SC Feyenoord 7-2
1998-99 Gemert Appingedam 2-0
1999–2000 KBV Panningen 1-1 KBV win after penalty shoot-out
2000-01 ADO '20 Kranenburg 3-1
2001-02 TONEGIDO sc Joure 0-0 TONEGIDO win after 10-9 penalty shoot-out
2002-03 TONEGIDO VVOG 2-1
2003-04 Ter Leede Sneek Wit Zwart 2-0
2004-05 Genemuiden Excelsior Maassluis 2-0
2005-06 ASWH EVV 3-1
2006-07 Türkiyemspor Lisse 0-0 Türkiyemspor win 1-0 after extra time
2007-08 Rijnsburgse Boys Achilles '29 2-0
2008-09 BVV Barendrecht LRC Leerdam 3-1
2009-10 VV Dongen Sneek Wit Zwart 5-1
2010-11 Achilles '29 Harkemase Boys 1-0

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