The Football Database Wiki has started now a new project. We want to help other wikis about soccer. We offer for example some help with customizing the wiki's skin and help by adding some templates. But we also want to promote the wikis to get more users.

The Football Database Wiki wants to be the central place for all soccer fans on Wikia where everybody who likes soccer can meet each other. People can improve and add articles here to the wiki about for example the clubs they love and support. But we also want people can meet each other to talk about football. Therefore we start this project to try to achieve this.


If you know a wiki or you have a wiki you're free to join this project. You can also join if your wiki doesn't need help or not much help and other languages than English are able to join aswell. You only have to go to this page to join. Admins of this wiki will answer as quick as possible to your request. Usually we'll accept wikis which meet the following requirements:

  • There is a/are active user(s). This means there is a/are user(s) who edit.
  • The wiki is a friendly place. This means there are no admins who block and ban users for the fun, there's no bad language etc.
  • An admin supports joining the project.

And then?

First we'll add a place on the wiki to promote the wikis, this will be done on both wikis and can be done on for example the home page on the wiki with the logos of the wikis. Also the wiki will be added to the list of the wikis which joined the project which is located at the bottom of this page. If you're wiki is a member of the project you can always ask for help on this page. You can ask for help by creating a template on the wiki, by changing parts of the layout, but you can also ask for tips.

What is/does the project not?

  • We don't help by adding articles to the wiki. The regular editing is up to the users on the wiki. Of course it's possible people who help will stay if they want.
  • Also we don't need admin rights on your wiki to do this all. We can give you the codes you need, you only have to copy/paste them to the right page(s).


Re coded NL

Please remember we're also just Wikia users which means we can't help immediately.

Wikis which already joined

Luton Town

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