Founded 2014
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Number of teams 631
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The Football Federation Australia Cup, commonly known as the FFA Cup, is the main national association football knockout cup competition in Australia. The annual competition is organised by and named after Football Federation Australia. It features all the teams from the top division of the A-League as well as from lower tiers in the Australian league system, including from the National Premier Leagues and other state based leagues. Teams enter the competition in progressional stages, with qualifying rounds used to determine which lower division teams eventually join those from the A-League in later stages of the cup. It is currently sponsored by the Westfield Group and thus officially known as the Westfield FFA Cup.

The cup's inaugural season, will take place in 2014 and determine the first FFA Cup Champion. Discussions are required to ascertain whether champions from future editions of the competition will gain qualification into the continental competition, the Asian Football Confederation Champions League.

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