Premiere ligapokal logo.jpg
Founded 1997
Abolished 2007
Region Germany
Tournament information
Current champions Bayern Munich (6th title)
Number of teams 6
Most successful club Bayern Munich (6 titles)

The DFL-Ligapokal was a German football competition that took place before the start of the Bundesliga season, featuring the top five teams of the previous Bundesliga season and the winners of the DFB-Pokal in Germany. The cup was known as the Premiere-Ligapokal after 2005, when Premiere, a German pay television network, took up sponsorship of the competition. The Ligapokal was not held in 2008 due to schedule crowding caused by the UEFA Euro 2008. Instead, the T-Home German Supercup was held on 23 July 2008. The DFL-Ligapokal was not held in 2009 either, due to the German Football Association's decision to abolish it. On the last edition of the DFL-Ligapokal, in 2007, the fifth-placed Bundesliga team (Bayer Leverkusen) was dropped from the competition, replaced by the winner of the 2. Bundesliga (Karlsruhe).

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