Country Flag of East Germany East Germany
Founded 1950
Folded 1991
Number of teams 16
Promotion to DDR-Oberliga
Relegation to DDR-Bezirksligen
Levels on pyramid 2
Current champions 1. FC Union Berlin (Group A)
FSV Zwickau (Group B) (1990-91)

DDR-Liga was the second highest tier in the East German football league system. The league was played in two groups, with 16 clubs in each. After the merging between West and East Germany, the league was dissolved, and was replaced by the 2. Bundesliga.


Current leagues

The NOFV-Oberliga Nord, the equivalent of the DDR-Liga Staffel A, and the NOFV-Oberliga Süd, the former DDR-Liga Staffel B, are in a geographical sense the continuation of the old leagues, covering the same regions, albeit not on tier II level anymore, but as a tier V competition.

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