Česká fotbalová liga
Country Czech Republic
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1991
Number of teams 20
Promotion to 2. Liga
Relegation to Fourth Division (Divize A, B or C)
Levels on pyramid 3
Domestic cup(s) Czech Cup
Current champions FK Kolín (2015–16)

Bohemian Football League (ČFL) is one of the third level football leagues of the Czech Republic (the other is the Moravian–Silesian Football League). The league comprises teams from the historic Bohemia region.

The league was formed in 1991 during the Czechoslovakia era, replacing the former II.ČNL (II. Česká národni liga; Second Czech National League) at the third tier of Czechoslovak football alongside sister league MSFL.

The format of the league is unconventional in that it does not allow draws. As of the 2014–15 season, if a match is tied, the winner is decided by a penalty shootout. The winner of the shootout gets two points and the loser gets one.

The winner of ČFL is promoted to 2. Liga. In total three clubs are promoted to the ČFL - the winner of Divize A, the winner of Divize B and the winner of Divize C.

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