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Czech First League
Season information
Dates 21 August 2020 - 28 May 2021
Continental cup qualifiers
Champions League Slavia Prague
Viktoria Plzeň
Europa League
Season statistics
Previous season
Next season
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The 2020–21 Czech First League, known as the Fortuna liga for sponsorship reasons, will be the 28th season of the Czech Republic's top-tier football for professional clubs since its establishment in 1993. Slavia Prague are the defending champions, having won their twentieth league title the previous season, their third in the last four years. The season was initially scheduled to start on 11 July but was delayed until 21 August as a consequence of the postponement of the previous season's conclusion due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The first half of the season will only have 15 rounds, finishing on 19 December, and the spring half will commence on 29 January 2021, the earliest such date in league history.

This season is set to be played with 18 clubs, each team will play in the round-robin format home and away and the bottom three teams will be relegated directly to the second league at the end of the season. It will be the third season to use VAR, featuring it in six to eight matches per match-week in the first half of the season. From January 2021, all nine matches should have VAR. As was the case at the end of the previous season, there will be limited attendance from the fans in the stadiums due to measures related to COVID-19 pandemic.


This season is the third to have betting agency Fortuna as the title sponsor. In February 2020 the sponsorship contract was extended by another two years and will expire in 2023–24. It also will be the third season with TV broadcasting rights held by O2 TV, showing all nine matches per match-week. Further, the national broadcaster ČT Sport will broadcast one match per round (fourth option) and newspaper holds rights for the highlights from all matches.

Ahead of the season, many experts predict that Slavia, Sparta, and Plzeň will battle for the championship.

Season events

On 29 July the League FA started an investigation related to last season's quarantine of SFC Opava for not respecting the COVID-19 pandemic precautions, which resulted in the early conclusion of the relegation group and no team being relegated. The League FA will meet to make a decision on the subject and may impose penalties.

On 4 August the management of FK Pardubice and Bohemians Prague agreed that Pardubice will play its home matches at Ďolíček stadium, as their current home stadium Pod Vinicí does not fulfil first league criteria.

On 5 August the league announced pairings for the 34 match weeks. The first match is due to take place on 21 August. In the same meeting, the association announced other following changes to the game. The champions will be declared in a case that pandemic would not allow completing all matches of the season. As soon as teams finish 50% of their matches and assuming no more matches will take place, the league final placings will be based on using an average of points per game system. In case that teams have not completed half of their matches, a champion can not be declared and teams can not advance to European cup competitions. The relegation process for the last three teams will be enforced even if the teams play less than 50% of the schedule. Each squad member, player, and the official must present a negative COVID testing certificate not older than three days ahead of each game.

Last season, when a player cumulated 4 yellow cards, he was banned for the next match. In the case of 8 yellows, the ban was next 2 matches, 12 yellows meant 3 matches, etc. Unlike last season, the ban after 4, 8 or 12 cards will always be one match.

On 10 August 2020 during the pre-season camp in Austria, one of Slavia Prague players were tested positively for COVID-19. The team was called off, returned to Prague, and was isolated in quarantine until 24 August. Herewith Slavia could not play the opening match of the season. A week later, on 17 August the league FA released updates to the COVID manual and Slavia was released from the quarantine.


Teams relegated from Czech First League

In the last season's format of the league, all teams played a round-robin home and away format of the league. After 30 matches the teams were divided into championship (top 6), play-off (7th - 10th), and relegation (bottom 6) groups. Points and goals in the relegation group were fully carried over from the regular season. The last team should have been relegated and the two teams positioned 14th and 15th should have played a playoff format with second league teams positioned second and third. The relegation group was scheduled to conclude on 7 July 2020 but as a result of three Karviná players tested positive for COVID-19, the final two rounds of matches were postponed to 23 and 26 July. On 23 July, the date of the first postponed round, one player from Opava tested positive and the team was placed into two weeks long isolation which led to the abandonment of the last two rounds.

On 24 July the league FA announced that due to time pressure, the relegation group would remain unfinished. As a consequence, no team can be relegated and the winner of the second league was promoted. To avoid playing the 2020–21 season with an odd number of teams, automatic promotion was granted to the second-placed team as well. The eliminations play-offs were cancelled and the number of participants for 2020–21 season increased from 16 to 18.

At the end of the regular season, the last position was occupied Příbram, with elimination playoff spots held by Karviná and Opava. The same order was recorded after playing three rounds of the relegation group.

Teams promoted to Czech First League

The second league was also impacted by COVID pandemic but fully finished after a delay. On 11 July 2020 in the penultimate round of the season FK Pardubice beat Vyšehrad 4–1 and secured automatic promotion for the first time in Czech football history. Pardubice were previously represented three times in the Czechoslovak First League, most recently in 1968.

Since the decision that all sixteen teams would remain in the top league and to prevent having an odd number of participants, the second place holder Brno was invited to join the top tier after two years absence. Third-placed team Dukla Prague remained in the second league without the right to play a playoff match.

Locations and stadiums

The home stadium of a newly promoted FK Pardubice is not certified by the league to host the First League matches. The club opted to play their home league matches at Bohemians' Ďolíček stadium.

Team Location Stadium Capacity
Bohemians 1905 Prague Ďolíček 5,000
SK Dynamo České Budějovice České Budějovice Stadion Střelecký ostrov 6,681
FK Jablonec Jablonec nad Nisou Stadion Střelnice 6,108
MFK Karviná Karviná Městský stadion (Karviná) 4,833
FC Slovan Liberec Liberec Stadion u Nisy 9,900
FK Mladá Boleslav Mladá Boleslav Lokotrans Aréna 5,000
SK Sigma Olomouc Olomouc Andrův stadion 12,483
SFC Opava Opava Městský stadion (Opava) 7,758
FC Baník Ostrava Ostrava Městský stadion (Ostrava) 15,123
FC Viktoria Plzeň Plzeň Doosan Arena 11,700
1. FK Příbram Příbram Na Litavce 9,100
SK Slavia Prague Prague Sinobo Stadium 19,370
1. FC Slovácko Uherské Hradiště Městský fotbalový stadion Miroslava Valenty 8,000
AC Sparta Prague Prague Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena 18,944
FK Teplice Teplice Na Stínadlech 18,221
FC Fastav Zlín Zlín Letná Stadion 5,783
FK Pardubice Pardubice Ďolíček 5,000
Zbrojovka Brno Brno Srbská 10,200

Personnel and kits

Team Manager Manager Appointed Captain Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
Slavia Prague Flag of Czech Republic Trpišovský, JindřichJindřich Trpišovský 22 December 2017 Flag of Czech Republic Bořil, JanJan Bořil Puma Citic Group
Viktoria Plzeň Flag of Slovakia Guľa, AdriánAdrián Guľa 18 December 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Limberský, DavidDavid Limberský Puma Doosan
Sparta Prague Flag of Czech Republic Kotal, VáclavVáclav Kotal 18 February 2020 Flag of Czech Republic Dočkal, BořekBořek Dočkal Nike Tipsport
Jablonec Flag of Czech Republic Rada, PetrPetr Rada 14 December 2017 Flag of Czech Republic Hübschman, TomášTomáš Hübschman Capelli Sport Telmo
Baník Ostrava Flag of Czech Republic Kozel, LubošLuboš Kozel 3 January 2020 Flag of Czech Republic Kozel, LubošLuboš Kozel Puma MW Dias
Slovan Liberec Flag of Czech Republic Hoftych, PavelPavel Hoftych 14 June 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Mikula, JanJan Mikula Nike Preciosa
Mladá Boleslav Flag of Czech Republic Weber, JozefJozef Weber 27 February 2018 Flag of Czech Republic Matějovský, MarekMarek Matějovský Adidas Škoda
Sigma Olomouc Flag of Czech Republic Látal, RadoslavRadoslav Látal 31 May 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Beneš, VitVit Beneš Adidas --none--
Fastav Zlín Flag of Czech Republic Páník, BohumilBohumil Páník 10 March 2020 Flag of Czech Republic Jiráček, PetrPetr Jiráček Adidas Lukrom
Teplice Flag of Czech Republic Hejkal, StanislavStanislav Hejkal 25 September 2018 Flag of Czech Republic Mareš, JakubJakub Mareš Puma AGC, Bílinská kyselka
Slovácko Flag of Czech Republic Svědík, MartinMartin Svědík 10 November 2018 Flag of Czech Republic Daníček, VlastimilVlastimil Daníček Puma Z-Group
Opava Flag of Czech Republic Kováč, RadoslavRadoslav Kováč 11 June 2020 Flag of Czech Republic Žídek, JanJan Žídek Nike Isotra
Bohemians 1905 Flag of Czech Republic Klusáček, LuděkLuděk Klusáček 10 October 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Jindřišek, JosefJosef Jindřišek Adidas
Příbram Flag of Czech Republic Horváth, PavelPavel Horváth 11 March 2020 TBD Nike --none--
Karviná Flag of Slovakia Jarábek, JurajJuraj Jarábek 14 November 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Janečka, MarekMarek Janečka Adidas ROKD
České Budějovice Flag of Czech Republic Horejš, DavidDavid Horejš 12 October 2015 Flag of Czech Republic Kladrubský, JiříJiří Kladrubský Adidas Autodraft
FK Pardubice Flag of Czech Republic Krejčí, JiříJiří Krejčí 30 May 2013 Flag of Czech Republic Jan Jeřábek Lotto Strabag
Zbrojovka Brno Flag of Czech Republic Machálek, MiloslavMiloslav Machálek 7 October 2019 Flag of Czech Republic Dreksa, PavelPavel Dreksa Nike Wedos

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in table Replaced by Date of appointment

League table

Team Pld
Qualification or relegation
1 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0 Qualification for the championship group
2 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
3 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
4 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
5 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
6 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
7 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0 Qualification for the Europa League play-offs
8 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
9 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
10 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
11 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0 Qualification for the relegation group
12 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
13 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
14 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
15 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0
16 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 0 0

Source: [ Soccerway]
Rules for classification: 1st points; 2nd goal difference; 3rd number of goals scored.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round; (Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament

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