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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Brazilian Serie A
Season information
Winners Palmeiras (10th title)
Relegated Sport
América Mineiro
Season statistics
Matches played 124
Goals scored 286
Top goalscorer Gabriel Barbosa
(18 goals)
Biggest home win Atlético-PR 5–1 Chapecoense
(15 April 2018)
Grêmio 5–1 Santos
(6 May 2018)
Atlético-PR 4–0 Vitória
(29 July 2018)
Grêmio 4–0 Vitória
(12 August 2018)
Grêmio 4–0 Botafogo
(1 September 2018)
Atlético-PR 4–0 América-MG
(6 October 2018)
Fluminense 4–0 Paraná
(8 October 2018)
Atlético-PR 4–0 Sport
(14 October 2018)
Palmeiras 4–0 América-MG
(21 November 2018)
Biggest away win Paraná 0–4 Corinthians
(22 April 2018)
Paraná 0–4 Flamengo
(21 October 2018)
Highest scoring Santos 5–2 Vitória
(3 June 2018)
Atlético-MG 5–2 Fluminense
(10 June 2018)
Vitória 3–4 Botafogo
(23 September 2018)
Atlético-MG 5–2 Sport
(30 September 2018)
Grêmio 3–4 Sport
(27 October 2018)
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The 2018 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A was the 62nd season of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, the top level of professional football in Brazil, and the 15th edition in a double round-robin since its establishment in 2003. The season began on 14 April 2018 and is scheduled to end on 1 December 2018. The top five teams as well as the 2018 Copa do Brasil champions will qualify to the Copa Libertadores. The next six best-placed teams not qualified for Copa Libertadores will qualify for the Copa Sudamericana and the last four will be relegated to Série B in 2019. Corinthians are the defending champions.


Twenty teams competed in the league – the top sixteen teams from the previous season, as well as four teams promoted from the Série B.

América Mineiro became the first club to be promoted after a 1–2 win against Figueirense on 11 November 2017. Internacional was promoted on 14 November 2017, and Paraná and Ceará were promoted on 18 November 2017.

Pos. Relegated from 2017 Série A
17º Coritiba
18º Avaí
19º Ponte Preta
20º Atlético Goianiense
Pos. Promoted from 2017 Série B
América Mineiro

Number of teams by state

Number of teams State Team(s)
4 Rio de Janeiro Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco da Gama
São Paulo Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo
3 Minas Gerais América Mineiro, Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro
2 Bahia Bahia and Vitória
Paraná Atlético Paranaense and Paraná
Rio Grande do Sul Grêmio and Internacional
1 Ceará Ceará
Pernambuco Sport
Santa Catarina Chapecoense

Stadiums and locations

Team Location State Stadium Capacity
América Mineiro Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Independência 23,018
Atlético Mineiro Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Independência 23,018
Atlético Paranaense Curitiba Paraná Arena da Baixada 42,372
Bahia Salvador Bahia Arena Fonte Nova 50,025
Botafogo Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Nilton Santos (Engenhão) 45,000
Ceará Fortaleza Ceará Castelão 63,903
Chapecoense Chapecó Santa Catarina Arena Condá 15,765
Corinthians São Paulo São Paulo Arena Corinthians 47,605
Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Mineirão 75,783
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Maracanã 78,838
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Maracanã 78,838
Grêmio Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Arena do Grêmio 55,662
Internacional Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Beira-Rio 50,128
Palmeiras São Paulo São Paulo Allianz Parque 43,713
Paraná Curitiba Paraná Vila Capanema 20,083
Santos Santos São Paulo Vila Belmiro 16,068
São Paulo São Paulo São Paulo Morumbi 77,011
Sport Recife Pernambuco Ilha do Retiro 32,983
Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro São Januário 24,584
Vitória Salvador Bahia Barradão 35,000

Personnel and kits

Team Manager Captain Kit manufacturer Shirt main sponsor
América Mineiro Brazil Ricardo Drubscky Brazil Rafael Lima Brazil Lupo Brazil Caixa
Atlético Mineiro Brazil Thiago Larghi Brazil Léo Silva Brazil Topper Brazil Caixa
Atlético Paranaense Brazil Fernando Diniz Brazil Thiago Heleno England Umbro Brazil Caixa
Bahia Brazil Enderson Moreira Brazil Tiago England Umbro Brazil Caixa
Botafogo Brazil Marcos Paquetá Brazil Rodrigo Lindoso Brazil Topper Brazil Caixa
Ceará Brazil Lisca Brazil Rafael Pereira Brazil Topper Brazil Caixa
Chapecoense Brazil Gilson Kleina Brazil Wellington Paulista England Umbro Brazil Aurora
Corinthians Brazil Osmar Loss Various Flag of the United States Nike Undefined
Cruzeiro Brazil Mano Menezes Brazil Henrique England Umbro Brazil Caixa
Flamengo Brazil Mauricio Barbieri Brazil Réver Germany Adidas Brazil Caixa
Fluminense Brazil Marcelo Oliveira Brazil Gum Flag of the United States Under Armour Brazil Valle Express
Grêmio Brazil Renato Gaúcho Brazil Maicon England Umbro Brazil Banrisul
Internacional Brazil Odair Hellmann Flag of Argentina Andrés D'Alessandro Flag of the United States Nike Brazil Banrisul
Palmeiras Brazil Roger Machado Brazil Dudu Germany Adidas Brazil Crefisa
Paraná Brazil Rogério Micale Brazil Leandro Vilela Brazil Topper Brazil Caixa
Santos Brazil Jair Ventura Brazil Renato England Umbro Brazil Caixa
São Paulo Flag of Uruguay Diego Aguirre Brazil Sidão Germany Adidas Brazil Banco Inter
Sport Brazil Claudinei Oliveira Brazil Durval Flag of the United States Under Armour Brazil Caixa
Vasco da Gama Brazil Jorginho Flag of Uruguay Martín Silva Flag of Italy Diadora Undefined
Vitória Brazil Vágner Mancini Brazil Willian Farias Brazil Topper Brazil Caixa

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in table Incoming manager Date of appointment
Sport Brazil Nelsinho Baptista Resigned 24 April 17th Brazil Claudinei Oliveira 25 April
Ceará Brazil Marcelo Chamusca Sacked 20 May 19th Brazil Jorginho 21 May
Corinthians Brazil Fábio Carille Signed by Al-Wehda 22 May 4th Brazil Osmar Loss 23 May
Vasco da Gama Brazil Zé Ricardo Resigned 2 June 12th Brazil Valdir Bigode (caretaker) 2 June
Bahia Brazil Guto Ferreira Sacked 3 June 18th Brazil Cláudio Prates (caretaker) 4 June
Ceará Brazil Jorginho Resigned 4 June 20th Brazil Lisca 4 June
Vasco da Gama Brazil Valdir Bigode End of caretaker tenure 6 June 13th Brazil Jorginho 7 June
Fluminense Brazil Abel Braga Resigned 16 June 12th Brazil Marcelo Oliveira 22 June
América Mineiro Brazil Enderson Moreira Signed by Bahia 16 June 13th Brazil Ricardo Drubscky 19 June
Bahia Brazil Cláudio Prates End of caretaker tenure 16 June 17th Brazil Enderson Moreira 16 June
Botafogo Brazil Alberto Valentim Resigned 19 June 9th Brazil Marcos Paquetá 26 June

Foreign players

The clubs can have a maximum of five foreign players in their Campeonato Brasileiro squads per match.

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6
América Mineiro
Atlético Mineiro Flag of Ecuador Juan Cazares Flag of Argentina Tomás Andrade Flag of Colombia Yimmi Chará Flag of Uruguay David Terans
Atlético Paranaense Flag of Argentina Lucho González
Bahia Flag of CHI Eugenio Mena Flag of Argentina Agustín Allione
Botafogo Flag of Argentina Joel Carli Flag of Paraguay Roberto Junior Fernández Flag of CHI Leonardo Valencia Flag of Uruguay Rodrigo Aguirre
Ceará Flag of Colombia Javier Reina Flag of Colombia Jown Cardona
Chapecoense Flag of Argentina Héctor Canteros Flag of Paraguay Nery Bareiro Flag of Argentina Agustín Doffo
Corinthians Flag of Paraguay Ángel Romero Flag of Qatar Emerson Sheik1
Cruzeiro Flag of Uruguay Giorgian De Arrascaeta Flag of Argentina Ariel Cabral Flag of Argentina Lucas Romero Flag of Argentina Federico Mancuello Flag of Argentina Hernán Barcos
Flamengo Flag of Peru Paolo Guerrero Flag of Colombia Gustavo Cuéllar Flag of Peru Miguel Trauco Flag of Colombia Orlando Berrío Flag of Colombia Marlos Moreno Flag of Colombia Fernando Uribe
Fluminense Flag of Uruguay Guillermo de Amores Flag of Ecuador Junior Sornoza
Grêmio Flag of Argentina Walter Kannemann
Internacional Flag of Argentina Andrés D'Alessandro Flag of Uruguay Nicolás López Flag of Argentina Víctor Cuesta Flag of Uruguay Jonathan Álvez Flag of Argentina Martín Sarrafiore
Palmeiras Flag of Colombia Miguel Borja Flag of Venezuela Alejandro Guerra Flag of Argentina Nicolás Freire
Paraná Flag of Paraguay Marcelo Báez Flag of Paraguay Jorge González
Santos Flag of Colombia Jonathan Copete Flag of Argentina Emiliano Vecchio Flag of Costa Rica Bryan Ruiz
São Paulo Flag of Colombia Santiago Tréllez Flag of Ecuador Robert Arboleda Flag of Uruguay Gonzalo Carneiro Flag of Ecuador Joao Rojas
Vasco da Gama Flag of Uruguay Martín Silva Flag of Ecuador Frickson Erazo Flag of Argentina Andrés Ríos Flag of Argentina Leandro Luis Desábato Flag of Colombia Oswaldo Henríquez Flag of Argentina Maxi López
Vitória Flag of Argentina Marcelo Meli Flag of Argentina Marcelo Benítez Flag of Argentina Walter Bou
  • 1 Players holding Brazilian dual nationality.


League table

Team Pld
Qualification or relegation
1 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00 Qualification for Copa Libertadores group stage
2 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
3 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
4 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
5 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00 Qualification for Copa Libertadores first stage
6 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
7 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00 Qualification for 2019 Copa Sudamericana
8 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
9 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
10 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
11 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
12 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
13 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
14 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
15 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
16 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
17 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00 Relegation to 2019 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B
18 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
19 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
20 [[{{{tan}}}|{{{t}}}]] 0 00
Source: CBF
Rules for classification: 1st points; 2nd goal difference; 3rd number of goals scored.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round; (Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament

Season statistics

Top scorers

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Brazil Gabriel Barbosa Santos 18
2 Brazil Ricardo Oliveira Atlético Mineiro 13
3 Brazil Pablo Atlético Paranaense 12
Brazil Diego Souza São Paulo
5 Brazil Leandro Pereira Chapecoense 11
Flag of Uruguay Nicolás López Internacional
7 Brazil Lucas Paquetá Flamengo 10
Brazil Yago Pikachu Vasco da Gama
Brazil Leandro Damião Internacional
Brazil Éverton Grêmio
Brazil Pedro Fluminense
Brazil Willian Palmeiras



Rank Player Club Assists
1 Brazil Dudu Palmeiras 15
2 Brazil Éverton São Paulo 8
3 Flag of Colombia Yimmi Chará Atlético Mineiro 7
4 Brazil Luan Grêmio 6
Brazil Everaldo Fluminense
Flag of Uruguay Giorgian De Arrascaeta Cruzeiro
Flag of Uruguay Nicolás López Internacional
Brazil Éverton Ribeiro Flamengo
Brazil Nikão Atlético Paranaense
Brazil Raphael Veiga Atlético Paranaense
Flag of CHI Leonardo Valencia Botafogo
Flag of Ecuador Juan Cazares Atlético Mineiro
Flag of Argentina Maxi López Vasco da Gama
Brazil Dodô Santos

Source: ESPN Deportes


Player For Against Result Date
Brazil Rodrygo Santos Vitória 5–2 3 June 2018
Flag of Paraguay Ángel Romero Corinthians Vasco da Gama 4–1 29 July 2018
Brazil Gabriel Barbosa Santos Vasco da Gama 3–0 1 September 2018

Clean sheets

Rank Player Club Clean
1 Brazil Santos Atlético Paranaense 15
2 Brazil Vanderlei Santos 14
3 Brazil Júlio César Fluminense 13
Brazil Éverson Ceará
5 Brazil Marcelo Grohe Grêmio 12
Brazil Sidão São Paulo
Brazil Weverton Palmeiras
8 Brazil Diego Alves Flamengo 11
Brazil Douglas Friedrich Bahia
Brazil Victor Atlético Mineiro


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